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Putting AI into Safety to serve you with the best construction safety software

Saifety.ai is an AI-enabled Safety Management Platform for the construction industry. We utilise Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to streamline the data capture, analysis and distribution of information to make it the foremost construction safety software

Trusted by renowned organisations across the globe
Shree Swaminarayan Temple
ARK Construction LTD.

Everything it needs to be a holistic construction safety app

A combination of practical & easy-to-use features makes it the most utilitarian safety app for any construction site.

Observation Reporting
Encouraging every individual to take ownership for safety in the work environment
Monitoring & Tracking
Keeping the track of every action to be taken or closed out using captured data with the help of AI algorithms
Incident Management
Providing a simple and intuitive way to ensure that incidents are responded to accurately with the help of AI
Live Reporting
Structuring all the captured data in form of interactive reports allows leaders to make data-driven decisions

AI-enabled construction safety app

Saifety coheres to every functionality you need to ensure a safe environment at any construction site.

Saifety bot is your AI-enabled onsite companion for safety

AI-enabled smart responses makes it a easy to use chatbot app that let’s every individual on the construction site feel safe and assisted through out the day

Multilingual support for easier communication and understanding

Saifety app supports multiple languages such as Arabic, Spanish, French, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and English to make it accessible and friendly to anyone and everyone working onsite

Engage our construction safety management platform with the full potential with 3rd party integrations

The Saifety app now supports a wide range of 3rd party integration such as Procore that lets you upgrade your safety standards even more

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Impact we make

Numbers speak for Saifety

The impact we make is clearly visible in the safer work environments that adapts Saifety

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after they started using Saifety

Drop in Hazards

on sites that uses Saifety

Flexible plans for everyone

Best for testing


Daily Reporting
Mobile App
Data Security


everything in basic +

Incident Management
Task Hazard/Risk Assessments
Advanced Data Analytics
& More
Best for large enterprise


everything in practitioner +

Crisis Management
Training Library
Custom Workflows
& More

Flexible plans for everyone



Recommended for startups and SMBs

Incident Reporting
Mobile App
& More
Enterprise starts from


Recommended for large enterprise

Custom workflows
Single sign on
& More

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What is the minimum subscription term?
You can subscribe to the Saifety app on a monthly basis. We have a flat monthly charge depending on the plan you choose and the number of users you have.
Do you charge for app upgrades?
No, we don't. All future upgrades including feature add-ons will be free depending on your subscription term and your subscribed plan.
Is there a free trial?
We don't have any explicit free trial options. However, for interested businesses we do provide a small paid trial period of 3 months which is charged lesser as compared to our full version plans.

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