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Saifety Co-Pilot: Your 24/7 safety assistant now on your WhatsApp

Experience instant access to essential health and safety information directly through WhatsApp. Saifety Co-Pilot is here to guide, inform, and assist construction workers around the clock, ensuring safety is always a message away

Free to use
Ease of using with WhatsApp
Super secure platform

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Freefor lifetime

5 messages/day
Content creation
(Based on Knowledgebase)


everything in basic +

Unlimited messages
Voice notes input
Voice notes response
Image analysis

Contact Sales

everything in Premium+

Video content generation
Personalised content
Private number
Dedicated instance
Intent classification specific to company use cases
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Explore the full suite of health and safety features with Saifety.ai

Observation Reporting
Incident Management
Monitoring & Tracking
Interactive Reporting Dashboards
Is this completely free to use?
Yes, Saifety Co-Pilot is completely free to use. However, the free version comes with a daily usage limit of 5 messages per user. If you want more, subscribe to our premium plans.
Who can use Safety co-pilot?
People at all levels of an organisation involved with construction can use this. All you need is Whatsapp on your phone!
How to use image detection and voice input features?
Image detection and voice input are premium features available with premium plans only. Once you subscribe to the premium plan, you can start using them upfront, along with many other premium features.

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