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Putting AI into Safety

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Get a smart and seamless safety experience with the AI-enabled smart features on any device.

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Observation Reporting

Observations are used as part of broader behavioural based safety management. They encourage individuals to participate in the safety management process by taking ownership and not walking by when potential issues are spotted.

Observations are also used to commend good practice and set examples for safety excellence. Saifety.ai makes creating and resolving observations as easy as chatting with a friend via messaging applications, logging observations in a conversational manner at the point they are observed, increasing the number and improving quality.

Incident Management

The objectives of any safety management system is to eliminate incidents, however when they do happen it is often a traumatic experience, and training on how to react can be forgotten.

Saifety.ai provides a simple and intuitive way to ensure that incidents are reported in a consistent manner and comply with corporate procedures every time. The use of machine learning in this process improves the quality of the information captured and therefore enhances the response to avoid it happening in the future.

Monitoring & Tracking

Saifety.ai not only makes capturing safety information more intuitive and efficient, but also tracks and monitors any actions that have to be taken and closed out.

Using the same user friendly messaging interface to ease the administrative burden from the entire safety management process the data captured is used to further enhance the AI algorithms to improve the performance and functionality of the platform.


Using Saifety.ai to capture data means that it is structured and of the highest quality, allowing for AI enabled analytics to be performed. The outputs of the analysis, in the form of dashboards and insights allows leaders and managers to make informed decisions faster and more effectively.

Users have to access trends and analysis from our inbuilt dashboards and reporting capabilities on their mobiles meaning that the latest information is available to act upon, encouraging a proactive rather than a reactive approach to safety management.

Multilingual support

The Saifety app is meticulously designed to bridge language barriers in the workplace, offering an extensive multilingual support system. The app seamlessly integrates multiple languages including Arabic, Spanish, French, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, and English.

This inclusive approach ensures that the app is not only accessible but also user-friendly for everyone working onsite. We believe that effective communication is key to a safe and productive work environment, and our multilingual support is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and global accessibility.

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